Pool Activity Leader is the person who is in charge of lifeguards in a swimming facility. The role of Pool Activity Leader differs depending on the facility.

The facility may have pools or could also have open water. The goal of a Pool Activity Leader is to promote safety within the facility by providing different guidelines for the lifeguards to implement. The Pool Activity Leader may hold a supervisory position but it is also possible that they are more hands-on with their role depending on the needs of the facility. Pool Activity Leaders are also aware of how to perform basic first aid such as CPR. They are trained not only to save people’s lives but to also coordinate and make the necessary reports to the EMT in case a person needs to be brought to a medical facility. They can also serve as the front liner in case someone gets into an accident and the patient is still waiting for the EMT to arrive.

What is a Pool Activity Leader?

Pool Activity Leader classPool Activity Leader is responsible for keeping the water facility safe. The role of Pool Activity Leaders will most likely differ depending on their employer’s needs. Some Pool Activity Leaders tend to serve as educators for a facility while others tend to work as supervisors for a group of lifeguards. In some instances, Pool Activity Leaders are also responsible for doing actual lifeguard work.

What to expect from the Pool Activity Leader Course?

What exactly should you expect from the course? There are a lot of things that you can get from this course. First, the Pool Activity Leader should be aware of how to educate fellow lifeguards. It means that he or she should be adept when it comes to implementing the right teaching strategy depending on who they are going to teach. Keep in mind that lifeguards have a variety of age groups. Some are even teenagers. The Pool Activity Leader must be capable of adapting to the most suitable teaching strategy to maximize information retention among lifeguards in a given facility.

Apart from the ability to teach, a Pool Activity Leader is also responsible for implementing the standard first aid modalities that will be applied in different scenarios. It means that the course will tackle the protocols straight from the Red Cross. This includes CPR and other first-aid modalities such as dealing with someone who had a concussion or someone who is suffering from sprain and fracture.

Benefits of taking the course

There are a lot of benefits that you can get if you opt to take the Pool Activity Leader course. One, you can become confident in your job as a lifeguard. Apart from being a lifeguard, it is also possible that you will be given additional responsibilities because you’ve completed the course.

Once you’ve completed the course, it is also easier for you to know the vulnerabilities of the facility. It means that you can help in creating the rules and regulations within the facility to ensure that incidences can be minimized. Plus, you can create protocols that can be implemented by other lifeguards as to what they can do in case an accident occurred within the premises.