Becoming a lifeguard is a tough job. You will need to have the presence of mind when it comes to saving other people’s lives. In addition to this, different scenarios are expected when you becoming a lifeguard. You might be dealing with someone who is drowning today and deal with someone who suffered from a minor fall on the next day.

You have to understand that different situations will require different solutions on your part. There are instances when you will need to call for an ambulance simply because there is nothing that you can do to help the patient. However, with a bit of knowledge when it comes to CPR, it is possible to prolong a person’s life. You will be surprised by how far this small act can save a person’s life. Keep in mind that an ambulance might be able to go to the area after 15 to 20 minutes. Unfortunately, a person can suffer from brain damage without oxygen going to the head only in a matter of three minutes.

Lifeguards should also know how to avoid the worst-case scenarios from happening. They can do this by imposing the rules. Whether it’s reminding people not to horseplay in the water or not run around the pool area simply because it’s slippery, these are simple things that can make a huge difference.