Pool Activity Leaders are in demand by different facilities. It is a must for some facilities to have at least one Pool Activity Leader on board. The reason is to keep people safe. Apart from the ability to impose the rules in a pool or open water, Pool Activity Leaders can also serve as the first responders especially when there is someone who encountered an accident or happened to be drowning. With their training, it is possible to drastically increase the chances of survival.

Do you have any questions when it comes to becoming a Pool Activity Leader? Pool Activity Leaders require focus, physical fitness, and your ability to pay attention to your surroundings. With the right approach, it is possible to save people’s lives and have the chance to even train other aspiring lifeguards. For those who have questions when it comes to this type of post, here are some of the most common questions that we usually get from interested individuals.

1. Who can take the Pool Activity Leader class?

The requirement is quite simple and is designed for most people who plan on becoming a knowledgeable Pool Activity Leader. You only have to be at least fifteen years old to be able to take the class. The reason for this is to ensure that the person taking the class is mature enough to focus and know the importance of the activity.

2. What are things to be discussed during the class?
There are a lot of things that will be discussed during the Pool Activity Leadership class. This includes the following:

  • Discussion of the most common dangers you can encounter in both pools and open water
  • Strategies to impose the rules and how to maximize rule compliance
  • CPR and basic first aid
  • Strategies to spot dangerous behavior while on the pool
  • Strategies to communicate with doctors and EMTs to facilitate the transfer of the patient
  • Create strategies in teaching other lifeguards how to perform better at the workplace
How long does the class take?
The class is 4 hours long. It covers several discussions from first aid responses such as CPR.
4. What are the perks of taking the Pool Activity Leader class?

There are a lot of perks that you can get from being a Pool Activity Leader. For instance, it can do wonders for your career. Those who finish Pool Activity Leader classes are usually qualified to become lifeguard supervisors. They can also apply for other positions such as training staff for other lifeguards especially when the facility requires multiple lifeguards to cover the entire pool or open water. In addition to this, you will also develop skills that are practical in different situations.

5. Which facilities need a Pool Activity Leader?
There are a lot of facilities today that need a Pool Activity Leader. Pool Activity Leaders are needed not only in indoor pool facilities. There are instances when they are also needed in beach resorts that have mixed facilities including a pool area and open water. With the knowledge that you can get from the Pool Activity Leadership class, you will have the necessary skills to promote safety in different facilities.