There is more to being a Pool Activity Leader than just improving your position at work. A lot of people take the course simply because it can help them with their careers while they gain more knowledge on how to save people’s lives. If you will look at different water facilities, most of them prefer to have a lifeguard supervisor who has taken the Pool Activity Leader course. The training involved in the course will give someone the knowledge on how to save a person’s life especially when it involves water facilities regardless if it’s a pool or open water.

Apart from the benefits that you can get when it comes to securing a better position at work, you will be more confident in dealing with accidents involving the water. You will know exactly how to save a person who is drowning and conduct CPR. In addition to this, you will also gain confidence when it comes to working with EMTs.

Benefits of Becoming a Pool Activity Leader

The Pool Activity Leader course is a good choice for those who are looking to build a career as a lifeguard. The requirements for this course are quite simple and straightforward. You will have to be at least 15 years old, plus the course just takes a couple of hours. Now that you’ve completed the Pool Activity Leader course, what are the benefits that you can get from it?

First, you can potentially become a lifeguard supervisor. When it comes to water facilities administrators, they usually hire those who completed the Pool Activity Leader course. This only means that they are knowledgeable about how to implement safety within the premises of the facility. A lifeguard supervisor is responsible for training other lifeguards to perform their job well. Apart from the basic first-aid and CPR training that will be conducted for the lifeguards, the Pool Activity Leader can also train others on how to rescue people in the water.

It isn’t enough that a person knows how to swim to save a drowning person in the water. There is a possibility that you might also drown in the process if you are not too careful. A Pool Activity Leader is responsible for training other lifeguards so they know how they can save other people and stay safe in the process.

Another benefit of taking the Pool Activity Leader course is the fact that you can help save people’s lives. One of the things that Pool Activity Leaders are trained to do is to conduct CPR and other first-aid. It is a common scenario wherein a patient dies because there’s no medical professional in the area to save him or her. But with the help of someone who knows how to perform CPR and first-aid modalities, Pool Activity Leaders can be the front liner while waiting for the ambulance. Could you imagine what could’ve happened if there wasn’t anyone knowledgeable in doing CPR for several minutes? Keep in mind that it only takes 3 minutes without oxygen to the brain for the person to shut down completely. But the best thing about it is that a Pool Activity Leader can carry all these skills even when he or she decided to leave the post.

Some states require Pool Activity Leader to take a Sexual Harassment Training class. Most states allow an online sexual harassment training class.