Pool Activity Leadership class is a course offered to educate individuals regarding water safety. The entire course covers basic life support and other first-aid modalities. It is taught in such a simple way that those with no medical background can understand. The goal of this course is to ensure the safety of water facilities regardless if it is a pool or open water. The minimum age for anyone to take this course is 18 years old. You can find upcoming Pool Activity Leader (PAL) classes by going to Lifeguard Training NY website. You can also call 718 954-5567 to sign up for the class.

The entire course only takes four hours to complete. After this, the attendees are going to improve their ability to spot dangerous behaviors within water facilities. In addition to this, they will have a deeper understanding of what to do during worst-case scenarios and how to coordinate with EMTs in case an accident within the premises occurred. This course is also beneficial to individuals who are looking to secure a lifeguard supervisory position. A good number of water facilities consider the Pool Activity Leadership Class as a requirement for such post.

What is a Pool Activity Leader?

What makes a Pool Activity Leader? This will give you a rough idea regarding the role of a Pool Activity Leader. You will understand the responsibilities that you could potentially gain from finishing the course. In addition to this, you will also have a better picture of what is at stake why water facilities require their lifeguard supervisors to take the Pool Activity Leaders class.

You will also have a rough idea regarding the minimum age and the number of hours that you will have to dedicate to finish the entirety of the course.

Who needs a Pool Activity Leader?

If you are looking for potential employment that you can get from finishing the course, you will have a better idea of which facilities need a Pool Activity Leader. The different types of facilities will be discussed along with the nature of their business. Here, you will know the difference between a public pool and a school facility that offers swimming lessons. You will also have a better idea of the most common incidences that you should expect.

Why become a Pool Activity Leader?

Why become a Pool Activity Leader? You will know more about the perks that you can get once you have finished the course. Apart from the opportunity for employment, you will also have a better understanding of the new skill and how it is practical for different aspects of your life. You will also know more about the importance of Pool Activity Leaders when it comes to saving a person’s life and coordinating with EMTs.

What the course includes?

What can you expect from the course? In the four hour course, you will know more about the different treatment modalities that you can use on people dealing with different injuries. You will also learn more about CPR and how to properly execute it. In addition to this, participants of the class will know how to properly endorse each case to EMTs to ensure proper care.
Apart from first aid modalities, you will also learn how to impose the rules within the water facility to ensure the safety of everyone.