Pool Activity Leaders are expected to train and facilitate knowledge for lifeguards. They have to teach groups of lifeguards to become competent at what they do. Lifeguards are the front liners when it comes to saving people’s lives whether in a public pool or open waters. The most common problems typically encountered in a pool setting will be discussed by Pool Activity Leaders. Their goal is to anticipate these problems to ensure that the lifeguards are equipped with the skills on how to deal with these problems.

Who needs a Pool Activity Leader in their premises? Public pools and beach resorts are just some of the few facilities that will need a Pool Activity Leader. Any establishment that has a pool can take advantage of the opportunity to have a Pool Activity Leader in their midst. This way, it is possible to teach lifeguards who will be on duty in the given facility.

Pools can be a place where people can stay fit and enjoy the presence of friends and their families. However, it is also important to note that pools can also pose a danger. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this danger and sometimes, you will need the help of a lifeguard. Though the lifeguards are the ones who are considered the first responders when there is an accident that occurred in the pool area, you also have to take into consideration that they get their education from a Pool Activity Leader.

Pool Activity Leaders are responsible for teaching aspiring lifeguards to have awareness and knowledge when it comes to dealing with worst-case scenarios. Now, who needs a Pool Activity Leader?

Public Pool

A public pool typically deals with a large influx of pool users. You have friends trying to have a good time and others are there simply because they want to stay away from the summer heat. Without a good lifeguard, it is possible to encounter accidents in public pools.

A Pool Activity Leader can help lifeguards identify the most common problems in public pools in terms of safety. For instance, the last thing that you want is to go to the water and save someone every now and then because they are drowning. Instead, you want to impose the rules and regulations of the facility to make sure that everyone is safe. In addition to this, Pool Activity Leaders can also hone the ability of lifeguards to spot troublemakers within the pool area.

Private Resorts

Next, another facility that will need the help of a Pool Activity Leader is a private resort. Remember that a bad review on a private resort can be detrimental to its business. Resorts should prioritize the safety of their guests.


Schools will also need the help of a Pool Activity Leader. This way, students are guaranteed to have a lifeguard who is capable of saving them, especially during worst-case scenarios. Pool Activity Leaders can also teach lifeguards basic CPR and other first-aid modalities. This way, it can prevent fatalities while waiting for an ambulance in case someone drowned.